Say NO to Proposed APV trails in Ohio

Proposed APV trails in Zaleski State Forest - MAP

Proposed APV trails in Shawnee State Forest - MAP

Ohio DNR's 2018/2019 draft plan for Ohio's forests - District 4
(includes Zaleski and Vinton Furnace State Forests)

Ohio DNR's 2018/2019 draft plan for Ohio's forests - District 5
(includes Shawnee, Pike, Richland, and Brush Creek State Forests)

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2018-08-22 3:45pm EDT Vinton County Convention and Visitors Bureau Opposes APV Trails in Zaleski State Forest

2018-09-04 7:30pm EDT We have added a mailing list to the site to provide updates via email (see form at the top of this section). Please help inform others about the mailing list by sending them here. Your email address will not be distributed and will only be used to communicate new information as it becomes known to us.

The Ohio Department of Natural Resources has proposed building APV (ATV, OHV, dirt bikes, etc) trails in Ohio State Forests, including Zaleski State Forest. These trails would intersect the Zaleski backpack trail in multiple places, run near bridle trails, cross in front of Moonville Tunnel (arguably Vinton County's most popular attraction), run adjacent to the Moonville Rail Trail in multiple places, run near mountain bike trails, and would be spread across large tracts of wild land throughout the forest.

If you want to keep our forests quiet for everyone and every thing, please email your comments to The decision to move forward with APV trails will be made based on comments received. Your email doesn't need to be elaborate--it can be as simple as stating that you oppose APV trails in our state forests or Zaleski State Forest in particular. You can also submit your comments here.

If you have ever hiked an APV trail, such as those in Wayne National Forest, you already know those trails are not compatible with the experience that everyone else wants when out in the woods. Noise, air pollution, constant traffic, and off trail damage are the norm with APV trails. We don't need that in our state forests.

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